I looked for you in the garden of ecstasy,
I searched inside each tent that opened to me;
I found your coat, folded over a poolside chair,
and your shoes, no,
just one of your shoes…

Beneath the cherry-tree blossom
I heard your voice, rising
above others, your laughter
like perfume on the breeze.

Everyone I spoke to
had seen you just minutes before…
‘Yes, she walked slowly through that door…’.
I thought my heart would burst,
the candle dripped wax upon the floor,
your name was the refrain sung by the choir.

An old woman was clutching at my sleeve,
she called to me like a wounded dove:
‘We are all blind when we look for love…’

Outside the dawn clouds
were pink and tinged with gold;
that night I searched for you forever,
and grew old.

© Robert Burkall Marsh