Observe the unhygienic cow
and, while you’re at it, marvel how
the back end damply defecates
while the front regurgitates.
What’s going on inside that beast
is worrying, to say the least…
evacuating each of two
extremes in concert’s quite a coup.

One stomach is enough for me −
a set of four seems OTT.
Though if I made a meal of grass
to mash it through from mouth to arse
I probably could do with more
and may just feel the need for four −
one stomach would be sorely tested
before that grass was well digested.

Beware the gentle vacant cow.
To see her chewing peaceful now
you may not think that in a herd a
cow is capable of murder,
but there are stories of dog-walkers
with rowdy labradors or raucous
terriers who’ve come to grief
while strolling past a gang of beef.

I’m not some woolly Mad Cow saviour
condoning violent behaviour,
although…a cow’s life must be hard.
Might you, as a cow, be scarred
by what goes on around your udder?
Does the thought not make you shudder?
Might it not enrage and flummox
organizing all those stomachs?

(from Po Tree)

© Jo Field