and we seek the beautiful, in a flash
found, departs as speedily, lingers
like scent which whets the air after
she has passed, memory and emotion,
a horizon that melts into distant hills
and we rest, discrete among bluebells..

and we seek the sublime, an o nata lux
moment, or where pavan meets the pause,
where vibrato is on the brink of quiet
all this is fleeting, like my child
who, once huddled in my arms,
now grows tall exploring the wild woods..

and we seek a moment to arouse
our essence without reserve,
a finger touch, a passing brush
of shoulders beneath the night sky,
a light within which makes an ‘us’,
for years that are but a brief passing..

and we seek to reclaim those who have fallen
to serve again those who could not stay
to make redress to those still lost
beyond bluebells and the wild woods,
the moment our eyes locked
the breath your glance took away.

© Jeffrey Loffman