Lane Cove West School, Kindergarten, 1959, Class photo.
Sonnet. Sunday, July 3 2016. East Kent.

Framed by wattle, and fibro walls colonial and quaint, we pose
Enjoined to smile,  mutely clutching at hands and knees
All these faces, unscarred by time, each of us inside-out knows
Our impossibly fresh, five-year-old selves: this happy frieze.
Johnny, my loyal friend, your dear face untroubled, open wide
Remember how we made telephones of tins and string?
We climbed trees, rode bikes, pledged truth and never lied
I once looked down your sister’s blouse: that draws the sting.
Warren, is that you? Squinting wryly, mulling over some jibe
Are you running a corporation now? And Susan, ever in ponytails,
Your folks I so admired. I bet you now are every bit as wise.
I’m there, back row. But which of you is Julie? Memory fails.
These are the seeds from which we adults grew
Each type and texture of man I with this palette drew.

© Peter Sinden

Soundlines Poem - Class Photo, by Peter Sinden